Just because modern families operate at dizzying speeds doesn’t mean there isn’t time to incorporate classic styles into contemporary homes – and timeless doesn’t have to echo time warp when approached with chic interpretations of perennial favorites. Rock the ages with cheeky destinations and updated materials for oversize mirrors, accent chairs and hanging terrariums.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Classic mirrors reflect modern families when styled to add sparkle to otherwise staid areas. Consider that mirrors reflect natural light; wield them at whim to make any space feel ample and bright. The secret to creating effortless entryways is to stage a bespoke welcome – transforming guests into friends, and friends into family – with an oversize mirror. Or spotlight living on the edge with a long, beveled style in the living room.





Invisible Seating

As clear as day and ready to play, acrylic accent chairs work hard at looking good. These translucent wonders triumph in a kitchen or dining room by providing extra seating without the visual clutter. To coax their transparent thermoplastic fibers into creating curiosity in any space, try pairing an acrylic chair with a timeless wood stool or perching a see-through seat under a bathroom window and piling it high with books or a plant. Cozy desks pair just right with ghosted chairs, too.

The Glitter Guide

One Kings Lane


Hovering On High

Invite the wonder of nature to reside indoors – in a modern casing, of course. The iconic terrarium is back to wow, this time trending as gilded-edge glass or hanging orbs inviting wonder. Get a jump on the updated aesthetic with tabletop terrariums blooming with tiny plants. For a classic presentation, perch them in a group along with treasured books or prints, or send low-lying shrubs on high with hanging terrariums.

The Green Head